What to Do When the Lease is Up

What to Do When the Lease is Up

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Whether it’s your house or the office space, if the lease is about to end, you have to get your affairs in order. Now, you may have already informed the landlord and made arrangements for a new place, but you might be forgetting something. In fact, there are quite a few things you should be doing before saying goodbye to your old house or offices. Here is some information on such matters that you may find useful.

Don’t Leave the Place Dirty

The office space or house needs to be leased again to someone else after you leave. While the landlord will do some maintenance of his own, you should be a little courteous. Call in a company who does carpet cleaning Canberra, as well as the window washing, and the general upkeep. This will take away half the stress of moving out. Also, any real estate agents showing the house or building before you’ve vacated will be able to show a place that people will be clamouring for.


If there are any damages, you should make a list. If you are not able to leave the house or office the way it was given to you, you could lose a lot of money from that security deposit you paid. In case there is damage after you have left, there is a possibility that you can be incorrectly charged for it. With no way to prove who is right in such a dispute, you will waste even more on legal fees. The best way to avoid this is to have the landlord walk through the building with you while you make the list together. Have this document signed by both you and the landlord. This will ensure that he cannot keep any more of the security deposit than agreed upon.

Addresses, Keys, and Other Concerns

You must remember that there will still be mail coming in to the old address. If you don’t want your cheques going to some stranger, leave the forwarding address with the landlord. You also should inform the main post office. Failing to do this means that bill from the carpet cleaning Canberra company may arrive at the wrong place, but you could get into a lot of trouble if you don’t pay that! Take care to inform any companies, banks, and relative of the address change as early as possible. If there are any items already sent, they will be forwarded by the landlord. Once you’ve handed over your keys, you’re on your way to new beginnings.

Make sure you see about these matters as soon as you can, and you’ll save yourself some time, money, and effort.

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