Practical Ways for Decluttering your Untidy and Overcrowded Home

Practical Ways for Decluttering your Untidy and Overcrowded Home

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You come home from work, expecting to relax for a while, only to enter into a messy living room. There might be documents lying on the table, clothes hanging on chairs or even the sofa. Laundry bags overflowing with clothes, cushions and bed sheets for a long time. Therefore, living in a house such as this isn’t healthy for you or your family. You would often fall sick, due to the dust that has been accumulating. Children are distracted from schoolwork or not motivated, as there are so many distractions (untidy study rooms). If you see these signs in your home, it’s time that you take a step back and think about the house.


Due to short of space, you shift the items to the garage, which is not a solution. If a neighbour or guest happens to come on a surprise visit, you’d feel ashamed to invite them in, due to the mess. However, many homeowners fail to execute a good decluttering plan due to a number of reasons. They themselves get distracted with the mess that the whole point of cleaning it up is all lost. Given the above scenarios, here are some practical ways that you could implement to have a tidy and beautiful home:


  • Stick to a specific plan


First and foremost, without just randomly starting from one place, you need to make a plan. That is, sit down and list out all the area that are dirtied and needs to be cleaned. Once, you’ve done this, you should make sure to stick the plan. Start with one place (preferably an easy area) and gradually move your way through the process.


  • Don’t get distracted


It happens that, when we start clearing mess in our houses, we find things that hold dear to us. It could be some ornament, artwork, etc. from your childhood or your children’s. You get distracted and keep looking for such sentimentally significant things, ignoring what you started doing. Therefore, make sure to keep a garbage bag or box to stack them or throw away, while clearing the mess.


  • The smaller steps matters


If you’re busy with work and your children have packed school schedules, you might not be able to do much during a day. However, even if you get to clear your child’s study table, consider this achievement. These smaller steps help you motivate to clear the bigger mess.


You don’t necessarily have to get cleaners to clear the mess, if you could take some time off and do-it-yourself. You could also make it a family activity, to highlight the importance of living in a clean environment. As a fact, you’d spend some time with your spouse and kids, doing something worthwhile. So, are you tired of looking at messy piles of clothes, overflowing dustbins and so on? Consider the aforementioned points for a clean house.


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